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Publication numberCN106397439 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201610814140
Publication dateFeb 15, 2017
Filing dateSep 11, 2016
Priority dateSep 11, 2016
Publication number201610814140.1, CN 106397439 A, CN 106397439A, CN 201610814140, CN-A-106397439, CN106397439 A, CN106397439A, CN201610814140, CN201610814140.1
Inventors刘映前, 王美娟, 宋子龙, 杨茜茹, 成丕乐, 赵永龙, 陈海乐, 李俊采
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CN 106397439 A
Description  available in Chinese
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International ClassificationA61P35/00, C07D471/22
Cooperative ClassificationC07D471/22
Legal Events
Feb 15, 2017C06Publication
Mar 15, 2017C10Entry into substantive examination