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Publication numberCN104877178 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201510128852
Publication dateSep 2, 2015
Filing dateMar 24, 2015
Priority dateMar 24, 2015
Also published asCN104877178B
Publication number201510128852.3, CN 104877178 A, CN 104877178A, CN 201510128852, CN-A-104877178, CN104877178 A, CN104877178A, CN201510128852, CN201510128852.3
Inventors王文才, 张立群, 付烨
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CN 104877178 A
Description  available in Chinese
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CN103396592A *Jul 11, 2013Nov 20, 2013华南理工大学负载型橡胶防老剂及其制备方法与应用
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
CN106084353A *Jun 21, 2016Nov 9, 2016北京化工大学一种利用碳纳米管缓释防老剂制备耐老化功能橡胶的方法
International ClassificationC08K9/12, C08L9/06
Legal Events
Sep 2, 2015C06Publication
Sep 30, 2015EXSBDecision made by sipo to initiate substantive examination
Aug 15, 2017GR01