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Publication numberCN104876586 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201510184891
Publication dateSep 2, 2015
Filing dateApr 20, 2015
Priority dateApr 20, 2015
Publication number201510184891.5, CN 104876586 A, CN 104876586A, CN 201510184891, CN-A-104876586, CN104876586 A, CN104876586A, CN201510184891, CN201510184891.5
Inventors卢精, 邹奇峰
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CN 104876586 A
Description  available in Chinese
Patent Citations
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
CN105344021A *Nov 7, 2015Feb 24, 2016德化均能手造陶瓷有限公司一种光波活血通络晶片
International ClassificationC04B41/86, C04B35/622
Legal Events
Sep 2, 2015C06Publication
Jun 8, 2016C10Entry into substantive examination