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Publication numberCN104817519 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 201510235806
Publication dateNov 16, 2016
Filing dateMay 11, 2015
Priority dateMay 11, 2015
Also published asCN104817519A
Publication number201510235806.3, CN 104817519 B, CN 104817519B, CN 201510235806, CN-B-104817519, CN104817519 B, CN104817519B, CN201510235806, CN201510235806.3
Inventors徐云根, 刘坤, 宋晓翰, 陈泓竹, 张宏波, 张灵芝, 朱启华
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CN 104817519 B
Description  available in Chinese
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Legal Events
Aug 5, 2015C06Publication
Sep 2, 2015EXSBDecision made by sipo to initiate substantive examination
Nov 16, 2016C14Grant of patent or utility model