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Publication numberCN101579328 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200810037243
Publication dateNov 18, 2009
Filing dateMay 12, 2008
Priority dateMay 12, 2008
Publication number200810037243.7, CN 101579328 A, CN 101579328A, CN 200810037243, CN-A-101579328, CN101579328 A, CN101579328A, CN200810037243, CN200810037243.7
Inventors沈卫平, 王建国
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CN 101579328 A
Description  available in Chinese
Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
CN103524349A *Oct 19, 2013Jan 22, 2014山东大学Ca-4碳酸酯类衍生物、其制备方法、药物组合物与医药用途
CN103524349B *Oct 19, 2013Sep 9, 2015山东大学Ca-4碳酸酯类衍生物、其制备方法、药物组合物与医药用途
International ClassificationA61K31/661, A61P35/00, A61K31/09
Legal Events
Nov 18, 2009C06Publication
Jan 13, 2010C10Request of examination as to substance
May 30, 2012C12Rejection of an application for a patent