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Publication numberCN101481325 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200910013895
Publication dateJul 15, 2009
Filing dateJan 21, 2009
Priority dateJan 21, 2009
Also published asCN101481325B
Publication number200910013895.1, CN 101481325 A, CN 101481325A, CN 200910013895, CN-A-101481325, CN101481325 A, CN101481325A, CN200910013895, CN200910013895.1
Inventors徐文方, 浩 方, 牟佳佳, 强 王
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CN 101481325 A
Description  available in Chinese
Claims(10)  available in Chinese
Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
CN101811976A *Apr 7, 2010Aug 25, 2010北京欧凯纳斯科技有限公司一种N<sup>ω</sup>-甲基赖氨酸的制备方法
CN101811976BApr 7, 2010Jan 30, 2013北京欧凯纳斯科技有限公司一种N<sup>ω</sup>-甲基赖氨酸的制备方法
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International ClassificationC07C233/83
Cooperative ClassificationY02P20/55
Legal Events
Jul 15, 2009C06Publication
Sep 9, 2009C10Entry into substantive examination
Jun 12, 2013C14Grant of patent or utility model
Mar 8, 2017EXPYTermination of patent right or utility model