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Publication numberCN101160600 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200680012279
PCT numberPCT/CN2006/003212
Publication dateApr 9, 2008
Filing dateNov 29, 2006
Priority dateDec 13, 2005
Also published asCN1858792A, EP1962240A1, EP1962240A4, US20080114666, WO2007068183A1
Publication number200680012279.9, CN 101160600 A, CN 101160600A, CN 200680012279, CN-A-101160600, CN101160600 A, CN101160600A, CN200680012279, CN200680012279.9, PCT/2006/3212, PCT/CN/2006/003212, PCT/CN/2006/03212, PCT/CN/6/003212, PCT/CN/6/03212, PCT/CN2006/003212, PCT/CN2006/03212, PCT/CN2006003212, PCT/CN200603212, PCT/CN6/003212, PCT/CN6/03212, PCT/CN6003212, PCT/CN603212
Inventors焦敬敏, 乾 刘
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Virtual image exchange management method and system
CN 101160600 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明公开了一种虚拟形象交易管理方法及系统,该方法包括根据用户请求生成该用户对所述虚拟形象的要求以及该用户承诺为所述虚拟形象支付的酬金数目的需求数据;在第三方查询时将所述需求数据提供给所述第三方;在所述用户接受所述第三方提供根据所述需求数据设计的所述虚拟形象时,从所述用户账户转移和所述酬金数目相等的财产给所述第三方。 The present invention discloses a method and a virtual image of the transaction management system, the method comprising generating a request according to a user that the user requires the user avatar and commitment to pay for a number of the remuneration avatar demand data; third party when the query needs data to the third party; an interview with the third party in accordance with the needs of the users with the virtual image of the design data, the account is transferred from the user of the number and equal remuneration property to the third party. 使得用户可以更好地根据自己的意愿获取个性化的虚拟形象。 It enables users to better access to personalized avatar in accordance with their wishes. 本发明还提供了相应的系统,增加了中间形象设计管理单元,在用户和第三方之间提供了用户对于虚拟形象的需求的交流平台,并利用用户对于虚拟形象承诺的酬金增强第三方根据用户意愿设计虚拟形象的积极性。 The present invention also provides a corresponding system, increases the intermediate image design management unit, provided between the user and the third party platform user demand for virtual image, and use the remuneration for user avatar commitment to enhance third-party user design willingness enthusiasm avatar.
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International ClassificationG06Q20/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06Q20/123, G06Q20/12, G06Q30/0601, G06Q20/10
European ClassificationG06Q20/12, G06Q20/123, G06Q30/0601, G06Q20/10
Legal Events
Apr 9, 2008C06Publication
Aug 19, 2009C02Deemed withdrawal of patent application after publication (patent law 2001)