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Publication numberCA2384923 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2384923
PCT numberPCT/US2000/040883
Publication dateSep 13, 2001
Filing dateSep 8, 2000
Priority dateSep 10, 1999
Also published asCA2384923C, CN1184935C, CN1379644A, EP1233729A1, EP1233729A4, US6299641, WO2001066041A1
Publication numberCA 2384923, CA 2384923 A1, CA 2384923A1, CA-A1-2384923, CA2384923 A1, CA2384923A1, PCT/2000/40883, PCT/US/0/040883, PCT/US/0/40883, PCT/US/2000/040883, PCT/US/2000/40883, PCT/US0/040883, PCT/US0/40883, PCT/US0040883, PCT/US040883, PCT/US2000/040883, PCT/US2000/40883, PCT/US2000040883, PCT/US200040883
InventorsRandall Woods
ApplicantRandall Woods, Quipco, L.L.C., Quest Vision Technology, Inc., Abbott Medical Optics Inc.
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Intraocular lens implant having eye accommodating capabilities
CA 2384923 A1
An intraocular lens (38) having focusing capabilities permitting focusing movement of the lens (38) in response to normal ciliary muscle movement incident to changes in the distance between the eye and an object under observation is provided.
The lens (38) is designed for surgical implantation within the capsule (22) of an eye (10) and includes an optic (40) and a resilient body (46) which cooperate to form a discoid shaped lens (38) that generally conforms to the shape of the natural capsule (22). When distant objects are viewed, the ciliary body (32) is retracted and the capsule (22) flattens, thus causing the lens (38) to likewise flatten, moving the optic (40) posteriorly, closer to the fovea (26). When viewing near objects, the ciliary body (32) contracts, causing the capsule (22) and thus the lens (38) to expand to their original shape, shifting the optic (40) anteriorly, away from the fovea (26).
The inventive lens (38) is preferably a unitarily formed, seamless body preferably comprising a flexible material which has elastic memory. Suitable materials comprise acrylates and silicone blends.
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International ClassificationA61F2/16, A61L27/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61F2/1629, A61F2/1648, A61F2210/0014, A61F2/1613
European ClassificationA61F2/16B4L, A61F2/16B
Legal Events
Aug 30, 2005EEERExamination request